A Star Pilot’s Fearless Rebel

Pilot, smuggler, badass—these are what I know . . . until I end up trapped in an itty bitty space ship with five maddeningly tempting men who want to break down all my walls.
Series: Star Pilot
Pages: 332
Galactic Empire | Space Opera


I have to remember we’re just crew mates.

It doesn’t matter how good these five men look or how close we’re living together on this small ship.

We’re on a mission, and there’s no room for emotions to screw it up.

Besides, one of them is my ex. So what if he refuses to wear a shirt or keeps giving me mischievous looks? He broke my heart once already.

Getting close to any of them would ruin me and doom a mission that could save the galaxy from centuries of war.

Never forget: We’re just crew mates.