American History in 50 Events

Have you ever wondered why America is the way it is? Do you want to understand the events that have shaped American culture? Are you interested in seeing the long-term historical connections that explain how America moved from a group of colonies to the most powerful nation in history?
Pages: 58
American History | History


If so, this book is for you. In simple, straightforward language, this book will take you on a brief journey through the highlights of American history. Filled with interesting facts and historical context, this book is a must-read for those who are passionate about history or are simply interested in better understanding the history of the United States.

Inside you will read about…

✓ Columbus’ famous first journey
✓ Founding of Plymouth Colony
✓ Boston Tea Party
✓ Battles of Lexington and Concord
✓ War of 1812
✓ Spanish American War
✓ The Roaring Twenties
✓ The Moon landing
✓ 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
And much more!