Autumn Winters

Autumn Winters has a secret that could get her killed. She just doesn't know she's keeping it.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 271
Urban Fantasy


Autumn Winters can suddenly see into another world, one full of supernatural beings that can’t possibly exist. But another window has opened within her, bringing memories of when her sister also displayed magical abilities. That was just before her sister went missing, and she hasn’t been seen since.

Autumn believes there must be a connection between what’s happening to her now and what happened years ago. Determined to discover the truth, she sets out with the mysterious private investigator, Ian, to track down who was behind her sister’s disappearance. What Autumn doesn’t realize is that she’s coming into her powers. And when the powers of a veil witch awaken, there are those who’ll be waiting. Getting closer to the truth only means getting closer to danger.