Call of the Dragon

A golden opportunity. A fiery companion. If she doesn't ride, the world may fall...
Pages: 290
Dragons | Mythical Creatures


Zara Kenrook has a nose for treasure and a knack for trouble. With her business strapped for cash, the ex-thief reluctantly accepts a job stealing a priceless artifact. But when she nabs the wrong precious object, she ends up bonded to a baby dragon for life…

Forced into the rider’s academy by the dragon rider she tried to rob, she trains by day and looks for a way to reclaim her destiny by night. But when she discovers that her original mission may involve magical objects and a dark purpose, Zara vows to battle a nefarious destiny.

Can Zara and her dragon stop an evil power from destroying her world?

Call of the Dragon is the first book in the Dragon Riders of Elantia fantasy series. If you like kick-butt heroines, snarky dialogue, and spunky fire-breathing sidekicks, then you’ll love Jessica Drake’s action-packed adventure.