A young lieutenant. A fleet of alien invaders. Will first contact be humanity’s last stand?
Pages: 126
Alien Invasion | Space Fleet | Space Marine


In his short military career, Lieutenant Warden has already battled insurgent groups, criminal gangs, and intergalactic pirates. When a distant colony sends out a distress signal, he and his fellow space commandos can’t wait to transfer their consciousness and launch their clone bodies into action. But no amount of enthusiasm could’ve prepared Warden for humanity’s first alien encounter and the ensuing bloodbath.

After his captain falls to the attack, Warden feels both pride and fear as he assumes command. Outmanned and outgunned, the confident commando must find a way to eliminate the aliens before they slaughter an entire human colony. Will Warden’s troops prove they are made of tougher stuff, or have they finally met their fatal match?