Confessions of the First War

For the first time, humanity is united in the exploration of the galaxy. For the first time, humanity is fighting for its very survival.
Series: MissionSRX
Pages: 383
Alien Invasion | Space Fleet | Space Marine


In the near future, humanity has overcome the bonds of earth and begun to explore the galaxy. The alien first contact was everything the world’s greatest scholars could have hoped for; the Aquillians were advanced, intelligent and peaceful until ships and colonies turned up missing. Having previously no military capacity, the alien’s ability to reverse engineer humankind’s technologies of war proved to be a great equalizer.
The aliens grew increasingly brazen, culminating in a series of devastating attacks on the populations of earth. It quickly became clear that the military leaders had greatly underestimated their numbers, proficiency, and reach throughout the galaxy.

Commander Prime Jefferson Grant has nothing left to lose. Left alone without a home or family, he enlists in the United Space Corps to give the only thing he has left: His life.
To avenge the lost he must carve a path of destruction beyond compare to secure humanity’s future. From the Earth to the stars, across countless alien battlefields, the war must be fought. To succeed, Grant must take a descent into madness, give up all that he knew, and realize his destiny as a hero or a monster.
The enemy is coming. Is the will of one soldier enough to save it?