Cradle to Grave

Crescent City Academy of Magics
Pages: 322
Coming of Age | Urban Fantasy


From cradle to grave Juliette Sanders has her life planned out. Penn State to the Supreme Court. No surprise she’s got this plan. RBG is her hero, after all. So why is it that a letter from a grandmother she has never met—never even knew she existed—has flipped everything upside down. Vivienne Montreuil’s letter is an invitation to visit her at the Montreuil Magnolia House near New Orleans, Louisiana.

How exciting, amirite?

Except that there’s this thing that Juliette’s family does. Magic. And supposedly Juliette can do magic. Say what? No way, no how. And yet…

Now Juliette knows about her biological mother—and father, a renowned necromancer—and she decides to visit the Crescent City Academy of Magics, you know, just to see what it’s all about. She’s not giving up on Penn State. She’s not abandoning her wish to follow RBG’s footsteps.

She’ll just stay at Crescent City for a couple of weeks. That’s all. And she’s got a great—temporary—roommate, Naomi, who’s willing to show her the ropes. How did things get so complicated when she runs into a hot wolf shifter named Jackson Walsh?
She’s not staying at Crescent City. No, she’s not. It’s not in the plans. No. No. No. Except…

Maybe it is.