Dead Like Ned

"My name is Nedina Marvin, but please call me Ned."
Genre: Library | Mystery
Pages: 236
Cozy Mystery


When Ned inherits a mysterious set of artefacts from her long-dead dad, her life takes a very strange turn – particularly when one of the artefacts renders her temporarily dead.

The artefacts were discovered in the house of a murdered man, Marlon White, but a dagger is missing – a dagger which could have been the murder weapon.

Ned must track down the missing dagger, learn the secrets of the artefacts, and discover: who killed Marlon White?

But these aren’t the only problems in Ned’s life. Her friends are all away, her cat is incredibly sarcastic, her boyfriend could be cheating, and her sister is in jail. She also has some mysterious holes in her memory – could some of those missing moments explain why Shane Moore, the gorgeous but grumpy Wayfarer, hates her so much?