Eternal Frontier

What if your only potential ally in a dangerous world was the one you brought to life in the lab… And it wanted to kill you, too?
Pages: 346
Genetic Engineering | Space Fleet | Space Marine


Tag Brewer is the medical officer of an exploratory scientific vessel called the Argo. His life consists of experiments and research on all the strange alien lifeforms they encounter. He is content to explore the universe through a microscope.

All that changes when the Argo is attacked by an unknown alien ship. Tag is the sole survivor.

After crash-landing the damaged Argo, Tag is stranded on a deadly planet filled with mysterious creatures. He must figure out why the Argo was attacked and escape before his attackers return to finish the job. His only hope is to somehow find a crew that can help him—or create one from his biological artificial intelligence research.

But creating a new unpredictable intelligent lifeform is only half the battle. Convincing it to help you instead of killing you and taking command of your ship is a whole other ordeal.