Fatal Illusion

She’s been hijacked by fate. He’s running out of time. Can these magically mismatched outsiders find their forever-after before their realms perish?
Series: Fatal Fae
Pages: 311
Romantic Fantasy | Urban Fantasy


Rori MacNair has learned to close off her heart. Molded into a spy to follow her legendary family’s legacy, the faerie assassin is stunned to wake up in a strange forest and start reliving past traumas. Suspecting mind control, she shatters the spell trapping her only to stumble upon a handsome thief.

Therron Mistwalker is avoiding a cursed crown. Tracking a dark magic-wielder to end her vile acts, the elf-prince-in-disguise is unprepared to meet a captivating fae determined to slay the same villain. And realizing the prophecy he dreads has finally caught up to him, he teams up with his prickly new ally while worrying about the clock now ticking down to his doom.

Pursuing the evildoer through forbidden portals, Rori worries she’s warming up to her mysterious pointy-eared companion far too easily. And a guilt-ridden Therron struggles to set aside his ever-growing attraction as their prolonged witch hunt leaves behind a trail of dead bodies.

Can Rori and Therron bring their foul target to her knees and rescue their worlds?