Fate of Wizardoms

Power. The ambitious thirst for it.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Series: Box set
Pages: 1044
Epic Fantasy


But when a power-hungry wizard lord seeks to expand his rule, he triggers events unforeseen. The balance of magic is altered, races of old return, and beasts of legend stalk the land.

A squad of unlikely heroes armed with magical objects are drawn into the conflict:

  • Jerrell “Jace” – A clever thief whose outrageous exploits force him to hide his identity.
  • Narine – A wizardess caught between her mad wizard lord father and jealous brother.
  • Rhoa – A determined acrobat, armed with enchanted blades and a thirst for revenge.
  • Rawk – Exiled for urges he cannot control, this dwarf possesses unique magic abilities.
  • Brogan – Once a renowned warrior, he labors beneath the weight of his regrets.

These characters lead a compelling and memorable cast including ruthless wizards who vie for thrones able to grant the power of a god. How do you defeat a god?