Ginger Danger

It’s no secret that, I, Sunny Shaw, am a magnet for mayhem right here on beautiful Blueberry Bay.
Genre: Library | Mystery
Pages: 284
Cozy Mystery


So, when a woman goes missing just before the grand opening of Shakes and Cakes, I think…it could be worse. And of course that’s exactly what happens when missing turns into dead. It’s hard to cry over a disastrous opening when there’s a murderer running around and things aren’t about to get any easier!

Oh my, Jasper, how will we ever juggle my nasty neighbor, a stalker, a murderer, finding homes for kittens AND serving the best shakes and cakes in Pineville?

The answer to that million dollar question might save my business but can we shake things up to keep my friends out of jail and me alive to see another day?