Half-Blood Dragon

Rowen had a mission; travel far away to the dragon kingdom, make the crown prince fall in love with her, and take the throne. But, the dragon prince has plans of his own for her...
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 172
Dragons | Mythical Creatures | Shifters | Sword & Sorcery


Dragons rule in Draconia, and young half-blood Rowan was sent to serve the princess by her ruthless step-father with a devious plan. While the two princes of the dragon court vie for her affection, Rowen desperately attempts to hide her mystical abilities. But, when a twist of fate leaves her a wanted fugitive, her only chance at survival comes in the form of an infamous soul-stealing pirate.

It will take Rowan and Elian and his crew to team up to discover the truth of their paths, and the power that can shift time, life, and the fate of the world.