Heart of a Runaway Girl

An absolutely gripping mystery
Genre: Library | Thriller
Pages: 310
Crime Thriller | Historical Mysteries | Suspense


Diner owner Mabel Davison cheerfully serves coffee and pie while single-handedly raising her two young boys in the sleepy mountain town of Blue River.

Her quiet routine gets rocked when a teen girl, who had passed through the diner, is brutally murdered and her body dumped at a local sawmill.

Sheriff Dan Gibson looks no further than the teen’s black boyfriend, Winston Washington, a known drug dealer.

Mabel fears Dan’s only trying to keep the peace in a town rife with racism, and her big heart won’t let that stand. He warns her to stop digging, too afraid to catch the attention of a local drug lord who rules this town with an iron hand.

But with Winston’s trial looming, each step of her unlikely investigation brings danger—and the killer— closer…