Hearts Grove

Every antique has a story, and some of them are deadly.
Genre: Mystery
Series: Box set
Pages: 1380
Cozy Mystery


Henrietta Hewitt runs an antique store in Hearts Grove, Washington. In the process of collecting antiques, she comes across countless unusual items, all with a story. Some with deadly secrets. Can she figure out what they all mean before she loses everything she cares about?

This Hearts Grove Cozy Mystery Boxed Set contains all twelve books in the Hearts Grove Cozy Mystery series. If you enjoy cozy mysteries with interesting characters and unexpected twists, you don’t want to miss the Hearts Grove Cozy Mysteries.

Stories Included: Heirlooms and Homicide, Break-ins and Bloodshed, Lights Out at the Lighthouse, A Body Below Ground, Libraries and Larceny, Impersonation and Investigation, Festivals and Fatalities, Murder at the Mansion, Fatality in the Forest, Death by Dessert, A Fatal Affair, and Body in the Basement.