How To Wake A Sleeping Lady

A forgotten love. A twist of fate. And a second chance at a happily-ever-after.
Pages: 284
Fairy Tales | Regency Romance


The sad truth is: Martha cannot remember her life. Or her family. Or even her own name.
After being fished out of the sea three years ago, Martha has been living at an abbey, unable to unearth more than little bits and pieces about herself. Her joy of gardening. Her love for the outdoors. Her unruly tongue…that utters too much instead of keeping it safely sealed inside.

But Martha is content…or tries to be…
…at least until a dashing young gentleman comes to the abbey one day and upends her life yet again.

Because, apparently, her name is not Martha. Of course!
Her name is Agnes Bottombrock. Yugh!
Or it used to be because, now, she is AGNES BARRETT, COUNTESS OF WENTFORD. Truly?
And…she is his wife! Sigh!

The moment GRANT BARRETT, EARL OF WENTFORD, met his Nessa for the very first time, he believed himself lost in a dream. He loved the unflinching way her eyes met his. He loved how she snapped at him to stay away from her. He loved the way her breath shuddered past her lips as he drew closer.

He loved her.
And then he lost her.

Forced to bury his heart, Grant spent three endless years mourning his wife, missing his wife, yearning for his wife…until a rumor sends him up north to a remote abbey. As though nothing happened, Nessa suddenly stands before him once again, not a figment of his imagination, not a distant memory, but a woman of flesh and blood.
A woman who does not remember him.
Or their love.

Yet Grant is far from discouraged. After the insurmountable chasm of death that stood between them before, conquering his wife’s heart all over again should be an easy feat, should it not?