In Your Dreams

He moved to the Witch City to start a new life, but everything about Salem feels eerily familiar.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 316
New Adult | Paranormal | Urban Fantasy | Wizards & Witches


Henry Trank is scared. Terrified by nightmares plaguing him since his arrival in Salem, he decides he’s had enough. But when he records himself screaming out the last thoughts of a dying woman as he sleeps, he ends up wishing he’d left his GoPro in the closet.

Fearing for his sanity and desperate for answers, he shows the tape to the only person in Salem he trusts. When he watches the reaction of the beautiful green-eyed witch, they both realize it’s worse than it looks.

Henry agrees to meet with the leader of the League of the Moon coven. When she lays out her suspicions, he’s shocked. But she can’t tell him the whole truth. Not yet. Because she knows the real reason he’s back – to finish what he started 326 years earlier, as someone else. Henry’s arrival in Salem is no surprise to her. And no surprise to the immortal who wants all of them dead. Again.

Can Henry accept an impossible truth in time to save them all?