Journey Home

The Terrani Republic and the Eranian Kingdom have been at war for over a century.
Pages: 188
Hard Science Fiction | Space Fleet | Space Marine


When the Terrani Republic lost this war, they had no choice but to evacuate their worlds, leaving everything that they once knew behind. They fled in a massive fleet, with the Eranians in direct pursuit.

For over seven long and bitter years, they evaded the pursuing Eranian forces, yet nothing changed for the Terrani. However, the desire for a change in circumstance only grew among the Terrani population, it only needed a single match in order to light the hungry tinder that has been building for over seven years.

Can a few visionaries really change something that seems so certain? Can a nation that has been completely defeated rise again and fight once more? Or is the fate of nations something that is certain from the start, and can never be changed, no matter how much a visionary may dream?