Max Abaddon just got his lucky break…kind of.
Series: Max Abaddon
Pages: 330
Detective Stories | Urban Fantasy


Max was just having one of those days until he soon realized everything that goes bump in the night is real. Most people inherit a house, a pet, or money. Max Abaddon wasn’t so lucky. His Gramps left him a job that required him to learn that magic was real, and he’d better learn how to use it. Soon…

In his new role Max works with a team of eccentric Mages based out of a facility called the Atheneum that has, for a very long time managed the relationship between the normal world and well everything else.

To make matters worse a string of high profile murders ensure his transition is not going to be an easy one. Will the team stop the murderer? Is Max unknowingly part of a bigger scheme? Most importantly will Max be able to have a normal life again and find time for a drink or two at his favorite bar the Fallen Angel?