Mech Wars: The Complete Series

Humanity is tired of losing. Enter the mech.
Series: Box set
Pages: 774
Cyberpunk | Hard Science Fiction


Jake Price has always dreamed of joining the Darkstream military, like his father before him. When he’s told his gaming scores are good enough to qualify him for a brand new training program, designed to find recruits talented enough to pilot humanity’s first mechs, he can hardly believe it.

He’s right to be doubtful. There are hundreds of other recruits competing for the same eight jobs, and they’re all as skilled as he is. Worse, the training instructor is an unhinged chief with a particular dislike for Jake.

But Jake refuses to give up, refuses to wash out. Because humanity is facing its greatest threat yet. If someone doesn’t step up, it could all be over for the human species.

Book 1: Powered
Book 2: Dynamo
Book 3: Meltdown
Book 4: Infliction