Midnight Wings

An Enemies to Lovers Paranormal Romance
Pages: 109
Angel Romance | Vampires


Agreeing to steal a gem for my sleazy werewolf boss in exchange for my freedom isn’t my best move, especially when the angel holding the jewel tries to kill me.

It doesn’t take, and now I’m forced to attend the Nephilim Academy, a school for angels. They rule Fallen City and the Halo, but I hate them all for ruining my family.

Still, I’m given a choice. Go to prison for my attempted thievery or attend their angelic school. I choose the latter. At least this way, I have a shot at escaping.

There’s also the issue of my physical attraction to the angel who wanted me dead. Jesse. The archangel also happens to be one of my instructors. We aren’t supposed to be together since a teacher-student relationship is frowned upon. Yet, each time we touch or kiss, my skin burns like it’s on fire, and nothing else matters.

But does he have real feelings for me?

My answer comes when I do the unthinkable and make a move against the highest-ranking angel on Earth.

Maybe I should’ve chosen prison.