New Dawn

Brooke Carter didn’t believe in aliens. Certainly not those capable of destroying her world. Yet here they are. Devastation surrounds them. Whole families are slaughtered. Who will stop them?
Pages: 149
Dystopian | First Contact


Brooke awakens to find the world as she knew it is gone. Leading a small band of humans, she’s determined to reclaim what the aliens have taken from her. What she doesn’t count on is the huge man, who looks human, but not quite.

Dante Balliol is a prince and heir from the planet Felidia. Caught unaware, him and his brother are captured by their enemies, the Terrapians. They manage to escape, but not before Dante’s ship is destroyed. Now, stranded on a primitive planet, he joins the humans in their quest to bring down the invaders and rescue the other captives.

Can they work together? Time is running out. Not only for their loved ones, but the entire planet as well.