Order of the World

What would you do if you realized one fine morning that nobody around you woke up? Well, Mandira certainly has no clue.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 276
Contemporary fiction | Urban Fantasy


In the city of Abbynton, Mandira lives with her carefree husband, organized daughter, reclusive son, and mischievous dog. She is baffled by frequent encounters with a mysterious man, Jack, trying to warn her of a disaster looming on earth that her son Ryan can only thwart.
How can a protective mom trust someone only she can see making a preposterous claim about Ryan, who can barely lead a normal life?
All hell breaks loose; Mandira discovers the unknown existence and witnesses the unthinkable to the point where the lines blur between reality and delusion. What follows leaves the entire World topsy turvy, her loved ones endangered, and the life on the verge of extinction.

Emotional mom and vulnerable son must do everything to restore the order of the World.