Phoenix Down

Everything has a price. Even legends…
Pages: 253
Coming of Age | Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


No one can keep a secret like young Remy Farthington. To the people of Frelpston, he’s just the shopkeeper’s boy—quiet, kind, and scarred. That’s why he’s the perfect caretaker for the three black-market phoenixes caged in the shop’s basement. Soon, one of the phoenixes will be reborn and Remy can collect the down–a prize worth a king’s ransom–just like his adoptive father wants.

That was the plan. Until one of the birds speaks to him.

When a phoenix is reborn and taken to be sold, Remy sets out to save her. Aided by an array of magical beasts, he’ll cross the continent to right his wrongs.

And face who he really is.