Post-op and Potions

On her fiftieth birthday, Grace uttered a plea to the universe. As the saying goes, ‘be careful what you wish for’...
Genre: Library | Mystery
Pages: 152
Cozy Mystery | Witches


For the first time in years, traveling nurse Grace Littleton is out of work. Her on-again off-again boyfriend is with a younger woman, and her only son has just jetted off to Europe. Alone, unemployed, and unsatisfied, Grace is on a search for something more.

A magical village in the Vermont countryside seems to hold some answers…

…and a few major problems to boot. Hypnotized squirrels attacked an elderly gentleman in town. Who brainwashed the critters? Then there’s the devilishly handsome bookstore owner who won’t give Grace the time of day.

With her pit bull Lucky at her side, Grace tackles the problems one by one — not because she wants to, but because she really has no other options. For Grace, the end of the line is in Covenstead, Vermont.