Rise of One

Marrying vampire angst with grim tonality, Blood Brute grapples with grief, loss, and the painful journey towards a found family.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Series: Blood Brute
Pages: 271
Dark Fantasy | Urban Fantasy | Vampires


A brutish virus sweeps the globe, devastating humanity. Vampires—hidden throughout history—soon reveal themselves, ready to become the dominant race.

However, a lone vampire stands in their way.

Rise lives a pastoral life in the English countryside in the hidden Owl Court smallholding, with his vampire coven. Keeping Owl Court shielded from the minds of outsiders dominates Rise’s every thought, until the zombie-brute virus wiped out most of humanity.

Knowing that his coven will soon need fresh human blood, Rise hatches a plan to sneak out of Owl Court and return with survivors. But survivors these days may not all wish to become vampire succor…

As more people learn of Owl Court, Rise cannot serve both humanity and his coven. Caught between, Rise must decide: how can he save anyone without giving up his precious Owl Court?