Shameless Fae

I want to catch these fae criminals almost as much as I want to breathe.
Pages: 242
Dark Fantasy | LGBTQ+ Fantasy


It’s all I can think about… even as my father parades me around like a stuffed duck on Faedom Day, forcing me to portray the perfect princess, all while giving me his classic side-eye of disappointment.

I won’t have to fake this smile for much longer, though.
Soon, dear old dad will be back to traveling the countryside with his latest conquest, and I’ll get back to my true calling:
Bounty hunting all the criminal fae that seek to bring my kingdom to its knees.

My latest set of bounties may be proving more difficult to hunt down than usual, but I’ll get them.

I always do.

At least that’s what I think before they bypass my carefully laid trap and catch me in theirs instead. Now I’m being led through parts of my kingdom I was told never to step foot in, kidnapped by a group of fae that isn’t scared of me, my reputation, or my clout.

These fae are well-built and burly, cocky and mean. They’re out for blood and don’t really care if it’s a princess’s that gets spilled. In fact, I think they might enjoy it.

They’re utterly shameless.