Silver Hollow

Into a land of Fae, Dragons, and the power of Excalibur...
Pages: 401
Fairy Tales | Paranormal | Urban Fantasy


Amie ignores the unexplained mysteries in her life, including her father’s mysterious death, and the fact technology goes haywire around her. Until a psycho stabs her in an alley and she’s brought back to life by a familiar stranger who might be the Merlin. With no choice to protect her friends, Amie follows her savior across the Atlantic to Silver Hollow.

Turns out, her father’s family is Seelie royalty, and Amie’s next in line for the throne. The only problem is she can’t control her magic and her father wiped her memories when he decided to play human. To save her long-lost family, Amie will need to learn to trust her long-lost lover, Emrys (the Merlin).

Silver Hollow is a place of ancient traditions and hidden dangers, where fae trade favors for lives and dragons dream of freedom.