Snowflakes and Sparks

A Feel-Good Christmas Romantic Comedy
Genre: Library | Romance
Pages: 240
Christmas | Humor


Uh-oh. I’m in trouble. My new neighbor is the gorgeous guy I shared my first kiss with ten years ago—right before I broke his heart.

If your boss ever asks you to run a bookstore in a charming small town, you have the option of saying heck no.

I wish I’d realized this earlier, but it’s too late for me now. I’ve already arrived in Old Pine Cove, the one place on earth I swore I’d never return to. Thank goodness it’s only for the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, managing a bookstore has been a lifelong dream of mine and I do love Christmas. The problem is Alex Denverton opening the door with that smoldering look of his. I never expected to see him again after breaking his heart, let alone live next door to the guy, yet here I am in this giant Christmas pickle.

Now all I want for Christmas is a second chance with him. Surely that isn’t too much to ask for, is it? Yeah, with my luck, I’m not getting my hopes up.