Soul Relic

Raysha will do whatever it takes to fix her broken soul. Even if it means venturing into the unknown with nothing but her brother, an enchanted water bottle, and her fierce determination.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 371
Coming of Age | Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


The only one without the ability to cultivate aeon from the world, Raysha has been ostracized her whole life for her weakness. In a world where true masters of aeon have slaughtered gods, Raysha’s future in her village is limited to babysitting pre-Awakened children.

Desperate for a chance to prove her worth, she leaps at the chance to join her brother at the Academy, where he believes they can find a cure for her soul. It will only take the crystalised heart of an ancient spirit, lost to the world thousands of years ago.

Armed with an enchanted water bottle and a stubborn attitude, Raysha sets out to prove that she is more than just a second-rate outcast.