Survey Ship

Earth is a frozen wasteland... The victim of a war we hadn't realized we were fighting.
Series: Exodus Earth
Pages: 306
Colonization | Military


Opportunities there are few and far between… that is unless you’re willing to put on a uniform. For ace-pilot Deborah Allen Riker (a.k.a “Admiral Dare”), life had never been easy. She’s defended Earth against countless enemies, both alien and human alike.

Now a civilian and academic living on the fringes of civilized space, she has committed herself to a life of solitude and studying a race of long-dead aliens. Everything was great… until she finds herself dragged into a new conflict. A conflict she never saw coming.

One of the great Arks built to carry the last vestiges of humanity into the deepest reaches of space goes missing. And she’s just the gal to find it.