Taking Flight

Pengarii has always been their home. Now an unexplained infestation threatens the viability of life on their planet. Stay or go? What will the People of Pengarii do?
Pages: 258
Alien Invasion | First Contact | Space Exploration


For countless generations, people have called the planet Pengarii home. A mostly pastoral civilization, they farm the land and mine for precious minerals. They trade with one another. When a strange mushroom pops up throughout their planet, devastating crucial crops and minerals, their way of life is threatened.

Can the newly founded Star Armada build enough space-worthy crafts in time to escape the decimated landscape?

Will everyone agree to go?

The clock quickly runs down for the People of Pengarii. What comes next not only decides whether or not they survive, but determines whether their way of life dies amongst the stars.

Told from multiple points of view, Taking Flight sets the exciting “People Of Pengarii” series into motion. If you like classic science-fiction and space opera stories, then this novel is for you.