The Breath of the World

Dovith has fallen. The Accord is shattered.
Series: Azelom
Pages: 449
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


With war breaking out between Rovan and Afallan, companions Baric, Emma, Hemsey, and Lily flee the onslaught of the Dominion Legion, escaping south into the vast and mysterious swamp known as The Shen. Filled with vicious beasts, hidden perils, and the treacherous Bal’shen civilization, the four friends must call upon all their skill to stay ahead of the Dominion Champion who stalks them. However, the murderous pursuit will never yield as King Rovart has ordered Emma’s death, for she is the runed girl of prophecy foretold to deliver the destruction of the Rovart Dominion. She, and all who aid her, must die. Yet, a fire seethes inside her, an inferno to be unleashed upon the enemies of freedom.