The Caretaker

Trust the magic within you, and wield it well, my daughter.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 466
Coming of Age


When sixteen-year-old Morgan feels her magic awake and learns of her destiny to become a Caretaker of Dragons, she and her brother Daniel leave Earth behind to begin a life of duty, propriety, and weighty responsibility. While they knew that Morgan would wield powerful magic to heal, nurture, and empower the noble dragons and people of Chemerie, neither is prepared to learn that being the new Caretaker also means being the next Queen.

With Daniel at her side as her primary protector, Morgan focuses on wielding her magic with greater skill, quickening the magic of hatchlings within their eggs, nurturing new clutches, and healing wounds in both humans and dragons. Navigating the duties and expectations of her position proves challenging when her magic makes her aware of the thoughts and feelings of others, especially those of her mate. After feeling the profound nature of the magical link they share, she chooses to keep him at a distance until fully confident in her role as Caretaker.

Her skills are soon tested when an evil warlord brings his mighty forces of soldiers and dragons against Chemerie. After enduring both bloody battles and devious plots intended to control or end the Caretaker bloodline, Morgan realizes that her true destiny lies at the front of the battle, not in the safety of shadows.

Without the magic of the Caretaker line, Chemerie will fall. Will Morgan be the first to stand between her country and the darkness, or the last of them all?