The Couple Upstairs

The perfect home…. or the perfect nightmare?
Genre: Library | Thriller
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 286
Psychological Thriller


The Couple
Ellie Mitchell is a successful writer and her husband, Rob, is a cardiac surgeon. They met after a whirlwind romance and everyone sees them as the ideal couple-happy, successful and in love.

The Lodger
Sabrina is mother to a five-year-old daughter.
A single mum who’s going through a messy divorce, Sabrina is looking for a place to stay and when the Mitchell’s offer her their downstairs apartment, it seems the perfect place to lie low and heal from her wounds.

A shocking secret…
The three of them form a friendship but all is not as it seems. As their lives become entwined, who can be trusted? Lies and terrible secrets lurk beneath the surface.

Someone has a sinister agenda and one of them must discover the truth, before the only way out is murder…