The Crimson Witch

What is power without control?
Series: Gorgon
Pages: 294
Coming of Age | Dark Fantasy


All Aurora’s life, she’s had one dream- to defeat the strongest race on Earth, the Demi-Gods. Too bad the one thing holding her back is her destructive, unstable magic abilities. She lives a life of crime to draw powerful adversaries, but that comes to a halt when she’s discovered by Princess Polaris, the daughter of one of the most notorious Demi-Gods to grace the earth.

Aurora has to go with Polaris to the far west or risk the secrets of her magic being free to the world. While she’s fought powerful opponents before, terrorists, vampires, and demons may be more than she bargained for. To make things worse, if Aurora’s magic gets claimed by her enemies, the fallout could result in a war great enough to destroy the world.

Who will Aurora’s magic destroy first? Her enemies, her allies, or herself?