The Fall

When you’re certain doomsday is around the corner…
Pages: 186
Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic


Michelle Lopez is a computer hacker with a checkered past. Trying to live the straight life as a journalist, a relapse to her former hacker lifestyle uncovers some harrowing news; an international death cult is planning to release a nerve gas worldwide, killing the entire population. And they’re going to do it soon.

When you know you’re right, and everyone else is wrong.

With the government, security services and media all unwilling to believe a lone, female computer hacker with a record, Michelle doesn’t know who else to turn to. Forlorn, she decides to find shelter. Her uncle, a doomsday prepper, seems to have the perfect solution: Michelle should join him and some select friends underground, and wait out the apocalypse…

When the only way to survive is to bunker down.

As the world comes to a shuddering death rattle above ground, tensions fray below ground, and Michelle’s unstable uncle seems to be losing the plot. Prepared for the worst, but unable to handle the reality, a series of violent escalations means Michelle has to risk it all; she has to go above ground.

When the time comes to climb above the surface, and survive…