The Night Gate

There are worlds that exist beyond our dreams… and our nightmares.
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 482
Hard Science Fiction


A brilliant scientist has uncovered a secret that threatens humanity’s future. Now his girlfriend is missing, and the voices in his head are back.

Since losing his daughter, Emma, seven years ago, Pike Shepard has struggled to maintain a normal life for himself in the coastal community of Blackwater. It’s a quiet life, until a beautiful scientist shows up on his doorstep with a desperate plea for help.

Dr. Kate Cassidy has uncovered a new aspect to quantum entanglement: the ability to not just see the multiverse but a way to travel through it. Her device allows them to SideSlip between parallel planes that are at once familiar and quite bizarre, wondrous, and terrifying.

Her ability to travel between realities uncovers a dark future for mankind. A man with a dark purpose promises profound evil and a ruthless government agent eager to see them all fail. Unless Kate and Pike can outwit them, the place they call home may never be safe again.