The Quest of the Emerald Rattleback

Can they overcome the obstacles and save their Kingdom from impending threats?
Pages: 238
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


Herja, Penelope, Kaia, and Wickham are ready for a new adventure as they reunite at the Institute for witches and dragons. Their excitement is short-lived as news of King Diesel’s passing and the Odentia army marching toward Eldavon puts everyone on high alert.

The crown is concerned for their youngest daughter, Adina, who is part of the first-year witches. The students are sent on a quest to collect the shed skin of the Emerald Rattleback, but their mission is cut short by an attempted kidnapping. The witch students, including Adina, are pursued by spies and must navigate the Silent Marshes to evade them. Join these young witches and dragons on a thrilling adventure of magic, bravery, and friendship.