The Rejected Suitor

Secrets, spies, and second chances hurl a duke’s daughter and a handsome earl into a world of danger and love.
Genre: Library | Romance
Pages: 228
Historical Romance | Victorian Romance


When a handsome suitor reappears into Lady Emily’s life, he fights her four brawny brothers to woo her again, but to his surprise, the bigger battle seems to be with Emily!

THE CLEARBROOKS – A sweet historical romance series by award-winning author Teresa McCarthy, where suspenseful, inspirational, and heartwarming love stories about a duke’s family bring the Regency period to life. As the tales unfold, the timeline soon turns to the edge of the Regency period while it prepares for the exciting Victorian Era.
Book 1 – The Rejected Suitor
Book 2 – The Wagered Bride
Book 3 – The Convenient Bride
Book 4 – The Mischievous Bride
Book 5 – The Duke’s Bride