The Vanguard

A Doctor with a rare gift. A newly unified government. Secrets that could threaten the future of them all.
Pages: 155
Space Exploration


The United Confederation of Planets has won the war with the Ehis and has consolidated all of Earth’s galaxy into a unified group of planets and peoples, all under its control. Having created this newly perfected government, the UCP now desires to expand its influence ever farther from Old Earth. Stressing conformity, unity and peace, the UCP has professed to be the force, which will unite and stabilize all of known space.

Evin is a doctor guarding a secret that could threaten his life and the lives of those he holds near and dear. When the Resistance needs him to carry out a difficult mission aboard the new Unity Star Force Exploration Vessel, the Vanguard, he accepts the assignment eagerly. He is excited about the chance to help the Resistance, and to go on adventures with the crew of the new vessel.

However, when an encounter with colonists on a newly terraformed UCP moon leads to violence, Evin realizes that he may have bitten off more than he can chew. The UCP may have been lying to all of them and harboring dark and terrible lies. Can he help the Resistance while protecting his own secret?