The Viper and the Urchin

Fancy hanging out with some quirky misfits in a world that’s like a mix of Victorian London and South East Asia? Think of it as tropical steampunk!
Series: Box set
Pages: 1075
Gaslamp Fantasy | Steampunk


The gang’s made up of:

– A skinny pickpocket with dreadlocks, a cheeky grin, and a smart mouth
– A foppish assassin with a fear of blood
– A handsome, elite fighter, master of the sardonic raised eyebrow
– A smuggler with a drinking problem and a propensity for brawling
– And a no-nonsense, heavily tattooed female machinist, trying to keep them all in line

Can they complete their missions without getting caught, killed, and without arguing? The latter is by far the most problematic….

Join the gang with this boxset from The Viper and the Urchin series which includes 3 steampunk capers. Over 900 pages full of quirky characters, humour, and adventure.

* Book 1 – The Bloodless Assassin: Ride on a mechanical, steam-powered spider along the rooftops, prowl through cutthroat infested, crookback lanes, and enjoy the decadence of Damsport’s steam baths…until a dead alchemist appears in the baths.

* Book 2 – The Black Orchid: Discover the luxurious debauchery of a mysterious black and gold brothel where wine and silk flow like water… and where the clientele has a tendency to disappear.

* Book 3 – The Slave City: Arabian nights with mechanized elephants. In the centre of the city of Azyr is an arena with bloodstained sand, and over it all looms a gleaming white marble palace housing a mad tyrant…