They Mostly Come Out At Night

A haunted forest. A mysterious, masked king. An invasion of monsters that will destroy them all.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Series: Yarnsworld
Pages: 202
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


In a world where everyone has magic at their fingertips, Lonan is the only one without a magical gift. Outcast from his village, hated by his own family, Lonan alone receives the prophetic dreams that warn of an impending invasion of wolf-like monsters that will wipe out his forest home.

In order to save his disbelieving family, Lonan will have to use his wits and daring to venture into the heart of the forest, seeking out its mysterious protector, the mythical Magpie King. Compared to everyone else, Lonan has so little of value to give – does he have the ability to survive the horrors of the woods, and to help protect his family and the forest’s future?

They Mostly Come Out At Night is the first book set in the atmospheric and enchanting Yarnsworld, a folklore-inspired fantasy land perfect for fans of The Witcher, Naomi Novik, Katherine Arden and Neil Gaiman.