Thriving At Work

What They Didn't Teach You in School
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 346
Career Guides


If you are new to the workforce or want to jump start your career, Thriving At Work delivers a proven and practical roadmap to achieve success from day one and throughout your career. More than a dozen executives from respected multi-national companies have given their enthusiastic endorsement after reviewing this book. Even though most companies today believe college graduates lack the crucial skills to be ready and to succeed in the workplace, Michael Dam wants to help you prove them wrong. Drawing from over twenty five years of professional as well as teaching experience, the author shares his insight and real life examples that will help you fast track your career, avoid potential pitfalls and not having to learn the hard way. Designed and written for easy reading, the book is organized by topics. You can easily read about the topics you’re interested in at the moment as well as being able to refer back to the book throughout your career. The author discusses detailed topics such as getting the right job, getting a head start and standing out at work, handling pressure situations, dealing with difficult co-workers and managers, managing your career paths, and successfully navigating the many challenges you will face throughout your career. This 2nd edition also includes more details about remote work environment and adds four new topics on American business culture and how to thrive in it. This book is a great companion for college graduates and seasoned professionals alike, Thriving At Work is a “timeless book for achieving career success.”