Wing Builder

He has his wings, she needs to build hers.
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 369
Forbidden Romance


Wren knew she was weird, but she also believed she was human. When she learns she’s an heir to a House Banae… she also discovers someone wants her dead.

Ezal is cursed with the Blight, his gray wings making him ineligible to be Wren’s suitor. When he is assigned as Wren’s Protector, he welcomes the responsibility, eager to guard her at any cost.

To become Lady Banae, Wren must marry—and quickly!

While white-winged bachelors line up to be her suitors, it’s Ezal who has captured her heart. As danger and death whirl around them, they must forge their own way forward or accept eternal separation.

Wing Builder is a sweet and spicy romance set in a breathtaking skyscape. This stand-alone story features a competition between suitors, beautiful dresses, and a woman stepping into her strength. There is also a cat.