The Rise of Indie Authors

by | Mar 7, 2021 | Indie World, News

For decades, the world of books lived under the reign of Big publishers. It was them who decided which books make it to the hand of the readers. As a result, a lot of stories never managed to see the light of a library because some executives deemed unfit to the time.

Now, that doesn’t mean that the ‘Big 5’ are an evil corporations or that they seek to burry certain books, but looking at the current trend and using it as a metric to decide on what’s to publish is unfair to many story tellers who work hard to bring their stories to life. We all know how Harry Potter almost didn’t make it to our hands.



Luckily, a new power invaded the world of Books about two decades ago and little by little, the scene began to change. That power goes by the name Amazon. Controversial as it is, Amazon opened the door to Authors who wanted to bring their own books to life at an affordable cost, and the book industry exploded.

With the rise of Amazon and E-Books, thousands of books flooded the market, leaving the readers trapped between the two forces; Traditional publishers and their attention to details to perfect books through years of work, and quickly pushed stories by authors who just wanted their tales to see the light.

As a result, a stigma was born around indie publishers, marking their books incomplete and/or unfit for publication, but also a new stream of stories with a wide variety of ideas.

Jump to the present and the scene is different even if the stigma still there, but over the last decade, Indie Authors have been working hard to learn, adapt, and improve. As a result, we have a new breed of writers who chose to bring their stories forth yet accept nothing less that a traditionally published book quality for their novels.

Today, some of the big author names we read are self published, such as Mark Lawrence, Evan Winter, and many smaller authors who managed to build loyal followers hungry for their stories.

Indie Authors may not have the budget and the reach of the Traditional Publishers. And yes, you can still find low end books among their work, but they are a force to consider and their hard work is worth acknowldgment.

This is why at Book Loot, we like to open the door to Indie Authors, because we know that they can deliever quality work that our readers will enjoy.