A War for Magic

Some prophecies aren’t meant to come true.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 272
New Adult | Sword & Sorcery


Prince Trystan Renauld doesn’t believe in the ancient power that once helped his kingdom thrive. The tales say that on the day of his birth, the Tri-Gard, legendary keepers of the magic, stripped it from the very earth and then disappeared, leaving the people to suffer in a dying land.

Now, it’s been twenty years and crops fail to thrive, the earth no longer connected to the ones it once served.

With war on the horizon, Trystan must do anything he can to prepare his people. Even if that means following his sister on a hunt to find the lost keepers and restore a power that might not be real.

Rissa has always known two things. She is in love with Davion, her father’s ward, and no one can ever find out.

When it becomes apparent the kingdom needs her for more than an advantageous marriage, she takes the chance to break free of her chains.

The Tri-Gard is out there. She knows it is.

Along with her brother and Davion, she’s determined to find it.

But, the greatest danger doesn’t come from the enemy amassing on the border. It’s been among them all along.