A Winter Cabin Christmas

A Small-Town Christmas Romance
Genre: Library | Romance
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 266
Christian Romance


Lining up the perfect gig for her clients makes talent agent, Samantha Day, giddier than a kid on Christmas morning. When a job comes along requesting the likeness of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, she knows her parents are a shoe-in.

But when they arrive in Cedar Crest, along with a dozen other hopefuls, Samantha fears she made her parents a promise she can’t keep. The competition is fierce, but she is determined to secure their rightful Santa spot.

Noah Jensen has made a few family promises of his own. If he can’t turn their sleepy, snow-capped hideaway into a booming Christmas destination, their rental log cabins won’t be worth more than the firewood they’re made of.

Noah is willing to try anything, even film a festive commercial to draw in potential guests. As casting day approaches, Noah can’t ignore Samantha’s endearing nature, nor his growing feelings toward her. But he worries things may change once she learns the real state of the cabins. And when she calls on her ex-husband and business partner for a favor, Noah wonders if that relationship is truly in the past.