Acheron Inheritance

First, the Federation Wars toppled the galactic order.
Pages: 378
Alien Invasion | Colonization | Space Fleet


On a dying world along the galactic fringe, Quinton Aldren awakens in the body of an archaic android that’s barely operational. He has only vague memories of who he was and no idea what has happened.

The galaxy has changed, forcing people to adapt, while dangerous machines of the Federation Wars patrol galactic sectors hunting for people like Quinton. He might have missed the war, but his link to the past could be the key to save humanity’s future. Will he survive long enough to discover it in time?

From the author of the international bestselling First Colony series comes another science fiction series in a sprawling galactic setting. Acheron Inheritance is the first book in the Federation Chronicles set far into the future after humanity has colonized the stars.