Aedre’s Firesnake

Space Travel, Time Travel, or Metaphysical Travel? There are many ways to smash interstellar slavery. But there is only one Aedre.
Pages: 259
Cyberpunk | Galactic Empire


Aedre is a spiritual young woman, broken by the tragic death of her mother. With few work opportunities, she travels five light-years to the Firesnake in search of a new life. But when she’s faced with interstellar sex slavery and murder, she quickly becomes the mafia’s target.

She discovers an alternate reality when a man offers her a ticket home. In return, she must find a key to a time portal. But her spirit guardian keeps telling her about prophecies of becoming the saviour of slaves. There’s unknown magic behind everything which is happening, and time travel which makes revenging the Godfather more urgent.

When she unearths the power of shape-shifting and teleportation, revenging the Godfather and freeing his slaves becomes her strongest desire.

Can she rescue thousands of slaves, while taking her villagers to a safer future? She must risk her life and sacrifice her freedom to do so. Unknown to her, the secret service is watching her every move. As her complete story unfolds, will Aedre smash interstellar slavery and stay alive?

This omnibus standalone is Aedre’s individual story, plucked from the original multi-character 5-book series, Plan8 Slave’s Space-Shifter’s of the Firesnake.